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#OurValues | Tradition and Craftsmanship

Where flexibility, customization, research and innovation meet

Italy has always been the country of craftsmanship, the nation of the ancient workshops where skilled hands carved precious woods and worked valuable metals and materials. The furniture and design field today also owes a lot to the world of craft: it is in fact based on the Italian historical and cultural tradition that is characterized by a special blend of technical skills, creativity, attention to the needs of the customers and constant search for quality, not only of the products but also of the services offered. Furthermore, the research for new aesthetic and functional solutions and the desire to experiment and innovate, all intrinsic characteristics of the Italian DNA, contribute to make our peninsula a place of excellence for quality design and furnishings.

The blend of innovation and craftsmanship has always been one of the main strengths of Jumbo Group, a company whose creative approach is characterized by the desire to dare and experiment, overcoming the barriers imposed by the market. The choice to insist on the artisan knowledge, transforming it into a heritage to be protected, organizing it in an innovative way and enhancing it at an international level, is one of the company's characteristics since its birth. It is a new idea of ​​craftsmanship, where flexibility, customization, research and innovation meet, allowing to respond to the increasingly articulated needs of customers who today demonstrate a growing awareness and attention towards a product that is capable, thanks to its intrinsic qualities, to become "timeless". The artisan savoir-faire becomes the added value that makes the difference and that seals the quality of the products and the services.

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The central component of the craftsmanship is, today as in the past, the selection of top quality materials, such as valuable woods and metals, marbles and precious stones. The artisan processes, such as the hand-made carvings that enrich Jumbo Collection furnishings, are still made according to traditional methods, using beechwood and limewood, left to dry with the due times to avoid breakage or cracks.

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Even the fashion brands can count on a series of traditional processes guaranteed by expert craftsmen who pay special attention to all details. This is demonstrated by the sculptural metalworks that enhance Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors furnishings, in which every single element is melted and chiseled by hand. The artisanal processing of the glass and the use of ropes to create ornamental or structural components of furniture enrich Gianfranco Ferré Home collection, while the use of embroidered fabrics and horn inlays mosaics makes ETRO Home Interiors pieces of furniture unique and special.

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Finally, as regards to JCP Universe, traditional techniques and materials are used in a revolutionary and experimental way to create unconventional objects blurring the line between art and design.