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A varied and eclectic narrative for an unconventional Interior Design Studio

With a wide and diversified creative proposal developed in five different brands, Jumbo Group presents itself as one of the most eclectic and versatile companies in the Italian luxury furniture field. The ability to draw on different styles and lifestyle concepts is one of the marks that differentiate Jumbo Group from other companies in the sector, allowing it to meet the needs of the most refined customers at an international level.


Far from being a simple brand portfolio, Jumbo Group demonstrates a strong ability to create tailor made living solutions according to the tastes and expectations of customers, in which bespoke furnishings of the various collections of the Group are selected and combined to create refined personalized spaces. This strong vocation for interior design activities is confirmed by the presence of Jumbo Group’s Interior Design Service (IDS), a complete and eclectic studio that deals directly with the design and construction in order to achieve the highest standards, taking care of every aspect of the project: from the preliminary studies, to the executive part, to the choice of each element and detail, from the materials to the textures, obviously including the creation of tailored furnishings.


Able to combine architecture, art, design and high craftsmanship, thanks to an unconventional creative and design approach, Jumbo Group’s IDS features an impeccable service, the use of quality products and the presence of a competent and creative staff to create new bespoke spaces where nothing is left to chance. The professional team is dedicated to every aspect of the design, bringing its unprecedented perspective in the residential, yachting and contract fields, where important projects in the luxury hotel industry stand out, with the Group's fashion brands as protagonists.

Baglioni 2

In line with the trend that sees the main fashion brands increasingly present in the hospitality sector, Jumbo Group has in fact started to create projects that combine fashion and furniture, such as the redesign of Baglioni Hotel Carlton, one of the most prestigious in the center of Milan, furnished by Gianfranco Ferré Home collection, as well as Limassol del Mar project in Cyprus, while important projects have been launched with Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors brand in Ryad, Acapulco, Dubai and Bahrain.