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#OurValues | Passion for quality

The starting point for the creation of exclusive furnishings

The constant search for quality, not only of the product but also of the service offered, has always been a central theme for Jumbo Group and one of the key elements that has contributed to its international success. An essential factor that unites the productions of the different brands of the group, the selection of top quality materials is the starting point for the creation of unique and exclusive furnishings, always accompanied by the accuracy and precision of the manufacturing process.


The brand Jumbo Collection, for example, has always used precious materials such as marble and selected woods, porcelain, mother of pearl, crystal that are transformed into decorative or structural elements in the pieces of the collection. The high quality of materials and production techniques is perfectly represented, among others, by the Relief table, an iconic piece of the 2019 collection, made of Michelangelo statuary marble, an ancient and warm material, handmade with a special technique which allows to create classic style 3D motifs on the top and base.


In the Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors line, the selection of rare and exclusive materials is one of the main features. An emblematic example is the iconic Wings armchair, upholstered with precious and unique materials, such as mink and kiddassia fur and arapaima leather. The quality of the tailoring of leathers and fabrics stand out in the fringes and pleated elements that are expression of the tradition that has always distinguished the products of the fashion Maison.


In the Gianfranco Ferré Home brand, the passion for quality is expressed in the refinement of materials and fabrics, in the prestige of the workmanship and in the sartorial details, that are combined with the essential design and contemporary lines of the pieces. As in the Highlander sofa, where the alternation between different finishes, with capitonné components, pleating on the back and parts with delicate quilting, creates a unique and refined set that denotes the brand's tailoring ability.


In the Etro Home Interiors line, quality is expressed in the creative research that mixes sophisticated fabrics, natural materials, precious wood essences, refined inlays and elaborate embroideries, giving life to a collection where quality is visible in every detail. As in the Aleppo line, where wengé with spatula finish is combined with the mosaic horn inlays and the ethnic fabrics representative of the deepest DNA of the brand.


Finally, in JCP Universe, quality is expressed through the use of original materials in their natural essence and in the blend of traditional techniques and innovative technologies that allow to create sculptural works blurring the line between art and design. Exemplary in this sense are the Antivol tables and the Kryptal table lamp, where the lava stone, an organic material that is emblematic of the transformation of nature, evolves thanks to human creativity and technological research into new "artifacts", capable of combining function, meaning and aesthetic value.