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#OurValues | Made in Italy

Between Italian lifestyle and craftsmanship

"Made in Italy": an internationally known expression that indicates not only the Italian origin of a product, but also a broad and articulated concept that alludes to the idea of ​​Italian lifestyle in its most complete sense, which includes creativity, quality, beauty and savoir faire, that are part of the heritage of our country.

Since its creation, Jumbo Group has been able to act as a true bulwark of Made in Italy thanks to a 100% Italian production, from the design to the ready for sale product. In a broader sense, the Italian spirit can be found in the collections of the brands of the group in different aspects, including the ability to experiment and reinterpret the values ​​of tradition by offering an "Italian approach" to design.

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Jumbo Group’s furnishings are distinguished by a wide selection of materials and processes that are essential part of the Italian artistic DNA, with their authenticity and high quality. Marbles, wood essences, crystals, porcelains, precious stones and, for the Fashion Brands, fabrics inspired or directly connected to the collections of the fashion houses. The ability to take advantage of the artistic potential of the manufacturing industry of our country, with specialized 100% Made in Italy suppliers, is among the characteristics shared by all the brands of the group.

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An emblematic example is Jumbo Collection, a line that frequently makes use of precious materials and processing techniques, as the Capodimonte porcelain, handmade by Neapolitan artisans, the only ones who pass on the secret of this special porcelain with unique characteristics.


In the Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors line, particularly noteworthy in the latest collection is the use of the Florentine scagliola, an ancient technique typical of the Renaissance adopted for the creation of famous artistic and architectural treasures, such as the Uffizi Gallery. This artisanal process is used in the tables of the Ragali line for the creation of the typical animal patterns.


The fine craftsmanship of Murano glass, famous all over the world, is another technique used for furniture components and accessories, including the precious blown glass vases of Gianfranco Ferré Home accessories collection.

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In the Etro Home Interiors line, on the other hand, the inlays and the craftsmanship of the wood stand out, as well as the use of exclusive fabrics with designs, textures and colors studied ad hoc in the most important Italian textile districts.

Finally, the group's experimental brand, JCP Universe, alternates the use of organic materials from our territory, such as Sicilian lava stone, and resources of the Italian tradition, such as the precious fabrics of the artisanal weaving workshops in Venice.

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