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#OurValues | Experimentation and innovation

The major premise for a Company at the forefront

Experimentation and innovation: two strictly interconnected concepts and two different aspects of the same concept. If it is possible to say that there can be no innovation without experimentation, Jumbo Group confirms itself to be at the forefront on both. The different productions of the Group, all expression of the Italian lifestyle at the highest levels, are in fact united by a creative approach in which tradition and experimentation in the use of materials and processing techniques meet, in a never-ending pursuit of innovation that allows the Company to create furnishing proposals characterized by a unique, unrivalled and unconventional style.

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In this context, JCP Universe stands out in particular: for this brand, experimentation is the starting point for the creation of unique objects that go beyond aesthetic appearance and current trends, promising to transform everyday reality. Thanks to a multidisciplinary and international approach and in collaboration with emerging and well-known designers, the brand merges art and design in a new idiom that goes beyond the rules and preconceptions to create a parallel universe never seen before.


In a different and less evident way, the theme of experimentation is also present in the historical brand of the group focused on the classic style, Jumbo Collection. In a field where repetitiveness and adherence to precise stylistic canons are generally fundamental requirements, Jumbo Collection combines decorative taste and essential lines, artisan techniques and innovative methodologies. "Being at the forefront" and "staying classic" thus become two complementary concepts capable of giving life to a collection that is unique and never ordinary, characterized by an inimitable and unexpected style.


Research and innovation are also on the agenda for the group's fashion brands: Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, Gianfranco Ferré Home and ETRO Home Interiors. For what is concerning Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors brand, for example, creative experimentation is expressed in the use of original manufacturing techniques, such as that of methacrylate, carbalho wood essence or precious varieties of marble. In Gianfranco Ferré Home line, innovation can be found in the shapes and in a more contemporary and essential style, in which the minimal lines of the furnishings meet new metropolitan suggestions, according to a transformation process started in recent years. In ETRO Home Interiors collection, the experimentation regards in particular the use of exclusive materials and the research in the textile field, with the use of ethnic-inspired fabrics with the symbolic Maison's pattern, the Paisley.