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#OurValues | Creative versatility

One Company, five visions of the living space

The variety of styles and designs has always been one of the features contributing to differentiate Jumbo Group from the other companies in the furniture field. The wide and diversified creative proposal, with the presence of five different collections, each one expression of its own style and of a specific conception of space, is what makes the Group a unique entity on the world scene.


The creative versatility that distinguishes the company is linked to this logic: each furniture collection has its own strong identity and distinctive soul, as well as a characteristic target. The Group’s portfolio includes Jumbo Collection, the historical company of the Group, internationally appreciated for its precious and refined classic style furnishings, and the three fashion brands in license, each one reflecting the DNA of the fashion house: Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors offers a powerful, energetic and sensual mix, inspired by the prints, patterns and iconic themes of the Maison, Gianfranco Ferré Home is a line that incorporates some peculiar elements of the designer's heritage, such as the use of menswear fabrics and geometries, to create a new style with a metropolitan and contemporary allure, while ETRO Home Interiors is a collection inspired by the heritage of the fashion brand, made up of travel inspirations, symbolic fabrics and evocative colors. Finally, JCP Universe is the group's experimental brand, a project blurring the line between art and design, expressing the desire to innovate at the highest levels.


Despite the diversified approach, among the various brands we can find a common experimental approach that brings each line of furniture to create ever new proposals, with innovative shapes, materials and processing techniques. Finally, other common points are the artistic approach, the search for quality, the attention to details and the ability to innovate, which lead the company to collaborate with the main excellences of Italian Made in Italy.