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#OurValues | Art and Beauty

"The artist is the creator of beautiful things." Oscar Wilde

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso

Beauty as a source of inspiration and art as a key component that enriches Jumbo Group’s collections, making them unique and special. In all the group's furniture lines, art and beauty are two central and closely interconnected themes that allow to overcome the functional aspect to reach the sphere of feelings and emotions.

Directly derived from our cultural background and from our “being Italian”, the aptitude for beauty is the premise at the base of the creative path that leads to the creation of furniture with an aesthetic relevance.

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In the decorations, engravings, inlays and carvings that enrich the furniture of the various collections, craftsmanship approaches art. It is evident in the group's historical brand, Jumbo Collection, whose classic style furnishings keep inside them the love for beauty, the passion for craftsmanship and the attention to detail, expressing the charm and seduction of a unique style where art, elegance and classicism coexist.

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The importance of art and beauty is present, in a different form, in the fashion brands Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, Gianfranco Ferré Home and ETRO Home Interiors: far from proposing simple furnishings to the market, they are able to offer “emotional solutions”, thanks to the selection of special fabrics and the investigation of particular themes dear to the world of the fashion brand and therefore capable of satisfying a specific lifestyle.

The research and experimentation on shapes and materials characterizes the creative approach at the base of all the collections of the group, allowing to overcome the boundaries of the already known and presenting to the world refined, artistic and never trivial projects. From this point of view, the brand JCP Universe stands out: in this project, the artistic research is combined with the experimental approach of design, in a perfect encounter between different dimensions.


At the same time, in addition to being an intrinsic component and an essential element in the poetics of Jumbo Group’s collections, art, in its most traditional sense, presents itself as a complementary aspect able to complete and enrich the different furnishing proposals. In Jumbo Collection settings, for example, imposing paintings with an intense decorative power, with their picturesque and delicate images, perfectly blend with the poetic beauty of the classic style furnishings, while the "wunderkammers" presented in Etro Home Interiors scenographies complete with their mosaic of exuberant colors the imaginative style of the furnishings.