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A Journey through the Intimate Suite Fusing Nomadic Influences and Italian Design

The journey as a mimesis of culture and thought, the perfect push that relieves us from the everyday and leads our minds towards safe, dreamy and surprising horizons. Long at the center of research for ETRO, it also becomes the key topos for their Home Interiors collection produced by Jumbo Group since 2017. With The Intimate Suite, the brand’s latest living space, we’re invited towards a mixture of styles and traditions that tell their own story, enveloping us in a warm embrace to make us feel at home around the world.

The office area, living room and bedroom are articulated in a continuous color palette ranging from warm and delicate grays to beiges, sometimes illuminated with bronze accents and others underlined with touches of dark brown. To refract them, the fantasies of a wallpaper with trees of life, palms, fronds of lush vegetation, birds, giraffes and inflorescences outline scenes of the possible, infinitely expanding the confines of the Suite.


As a 2021 new addition, the office area includes the first desk of the line, Akbar, featured as a central element. At first glance, the desk is sharp, essential and rectangular, only to slowly reveal the richness of its details, which comprise an articulated system of drawers and storage compartments to hold cards, letters and projects, as well as a lateral case clad with the symbolic Paisley pattern, almost like the back of an elephant or dromedary leading us to new adventures and safaris. Paired to the desk, the Hamar chair fits perfectly into place, where the Vienna straw — which we’ll also find later in the collection as a trend recovered from the ‘70s — is combined with African influences. A chieftain’s throne or a reception armchair? With its structure in matte dark wengé dyed wood and rings of polished brass, it recalls the traditional jewels of the continent.


Like the ancient Algerian city to which it owes its name, the Timgad bed evokes the memory of fantastical stories and lush landscapes. At the center of the bedroom, it seems to tilt the balance of the room into a dimension of sartorial richness: here lies all the artisanal expertise of the maison, expressed through the textiles tracing the structure and the potential combinations of linens, quilts and accessories with which it’s customized. In the large headboard with softened edges — the piece’s signature accent — Vienna straw returns with a soft gray nuance, while two annexed screens in fabric emerge on either side, complete with a reading lamp and optional shelves or coat hooks to further customize every detail. Boasting an elegant presence with an ironic weightlessness that almost seems to float, rising up off the ground, the new chest of drawers from the Kolkata line in greige leather is embellished with handles and decorative details in brass.


Between the living area and bedroom, the Woodstock daybed acts as a sofa. On the wengé wood base and legs in polished brass, rests a long capitonné seat covered with contrasting colored velvets and matching silk tassels.

An ideal evolution of the Living Room presented in September 2020, The Intimate Suite by ETRO Home Interiors celebrates that nomadic character appealing to the aristocratic, cultured bourgeoisie in a game of references between more classic Italian design forms and the personal visions of those who have travelled, integrating them with the best of national and popular expressions found along the way.