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Matter and transparency, classicism and contemporaneity, artisanal heritage and experimentation. A whispered dialogue between different elements, wisely orchestrated to create a unique and inimitable interpretation of the classic style. An amazing “New Era” where the eternal beauty of art and the decorative spirit coexist influencing each other, witnessing a new design approach on the border between classical and contemporary.

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Founded in 1985, Jumbo Collection is a 100% Made in Italy brand internationally known for its precious and refined furnishings in classic style. Quality, craftsmanship, continuous research and innovation in design and materials are the cornerstones inspiring the entire production processes.

From the Masterpieces anthology, including unique and prestigious reproductions of historical pieces, to a wide range of iconic collections, characterized by the choice of precious materials and traditional manufacturing techniques, up to the New Era collection, proposing essential, clean-shaped pieces in a more contemporary approach, the evolution of Jumbo Collection is expressed in a constant tension between passion for art and desire for experimentation, with the aim to offer an original interpretation of the classic style, without betraying its true essence.

Jumbo Collection offers an overall living style, suggesting unique and timeless atmospheres. The entire production is made in the company’s own facilities and each single piece is delivered with a special label certifying its full authenticity and Made in Italy production.